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Twitter Shenanigans Ensue After Xbox Asks PlayStation to Dinner


Twitter Shenanigans Ensue After Xbox Asks PlayStation to Dinner

Poor Xbox!

PlayStation and Xbox are often regarded as rivals when it comes to the business of video games and the two have been fighting the ‘Console War’ ever since Microsoft released the original Xbox. Whilst some fans genuinely seem to enjoy arguing about which console is better, both Microsoft and Sony tend to treat their rivalry with mirth, at least on social media.

It was International Peace Day recently and Xbox UK took this opportunity to go on Twitter and ask PlayStation UK out for dinner. In the time it took for PlayStation UK to reply, several other gaming companies got in on the fun.


PlayStation UK then replied with this savage burn:


Recently, the idea of cross-platform online play has been a big talking point and Xbox has stated it would be interested in allowing online play between PlayStation and Xbox gamers. However, PlayStation has seemed less enthusiastic by the idea. Many players are eager to see such a feature implemented but Sony doesn’t seem to want to get on board. A specific reason has not been stated. Here’s hoping Sony and Microsoft will soon reach an agreement.

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