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FIFA 18 Wiki: Guides, Tips, Walkthroughs, and More


FIFA 18 Wiki: Guides, Tips, Walkthroughs, and More

The most popular soccer video game series has returned once again this year in the form of FIFA 18. Featuring updated team rosters, the next chapter of Alex Hunter’s journey to become a world great, and a host of engine improvements, there’s plenty of reason to be excited about the latest entry in the series. There’s also a good chance that you’ll have a number of questions when playing FIFA 18 and that’s what this wiki is for.

We’ll be updating this wiki with a ton of guides the more time we spend with FIFA 18. Got a question that we haven’t covered yet? Let us know down in the comments and we’ll do our best to get you an answer.

  • Release Date: Sept. 29, 2017
  • Developer: EA Sports
  • Publisher: EA
  • Platforms: PS4, PC, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3


General Info


FIFA 18 Basic Tips and Tricks


FIFA 18 Hunter Returns Guides


FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Tips and Tricks

We’ll be updating this wiki over time with more guides, tricks, and information on the game, so be sure to check back soon.

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