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FIFA 18: How to Do a Knuckleball Free Kick


FIFA 18: How to Do a Knuckleball Free Kick

How to Do a Knuckleball Free Kick in FIFA 18

Knowing how to nail free kicks and other set pieces goes a long way on your road to glory in FIFA 18. One of the best ways to guarantee yourself a goal from a long-distance free kick is by using the knuckleball technique. A style mastered by FIFA 18’s cover boy Cristiano Ronaldo. Here’s what you need to know to pull off a knuckleball free kick in FIFA 18.

First off, make sure you’re at a good distance. If you’re too close to the goal, your knuckleball free kick will either hit the wall or won’t be able to get enough dip to send it under the crossbar. In some cases, it’s better to go for a curling effort around the wall into one of the corners of the goal. 30 yards and further back tends to be optimal distance, though if you really get the power right, it can be done closer.

Knuckleball free kicks require a player with high power, free kick accuracy, and the power free kick trait in FIFA 18. Once you’ve chosen your taker, you want to line up the ball with the middle man in the wall and the inside of the post that you want the ball to go towards. With the position locked down, hold down LB/ L1 and press B/ Circle and Up on your left stick at the same time. You’re aiming for three bars of power for 30 – 35 yards, and three and a half if you’re further back than that. With a bit of luck, the ball will dip and nestle itself right into the corner of the goal that you were aiming for. Getting the power and position just right for a knuckleball free kick can take some getting used to, so we recommend spending some time in the Practice Arena if you’re not quite nailing it in matches.

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