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FIFA 18 Ultimate Team: How to Get Coins Fast


FIFA 18 Ultimate Team: How to Get Coins Fast

How to Get Coins Fast in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

Coins are the main currency you’ll be earning and using in FIFA 18’s Ultimate Team. While you can buy FIFA Points with your hard-earned cash, most players will get by on just the virtual currency you can earn in-game. Coins are used for a ton of different things in FIFA 18, namely buying players and getting those draft entries. As such, you’ll probably be wondering how to get coins fast in FIFA 18’s Ultimate Team.

There are a few ways to bump up the number of coins you’re earning in Ultimate Team. The first method is all about being a good sport. Every time you finish a game, you’ll earn a bunch of coins dependent on your performance, but there’s also a DNF multiplier that can affect the number coins you’re earning each match. Continue to drop out of games and your multiplier will reduce the number of coins you’re taking away, finish every game whether you win or lose, and you’ll get a slight boost.

On top of that, you can also boost the number of coins you’re earning each match thanks to Coin Boosts in the EA Catalog. Press R3 to open the catalog, and then head to Ultimate Team to find Coin Reward Boosts. These basically give you more a set amount of coins after finishing each match in FIFA 18’s Ultimate Team. Some Coin Reward Boosts can offer as much as 1000 Coins extra for 15 matches, so you’ll definitely want to make the most of these if you’ve unlocked them with a high enough EASFC level.

Outside of playing matches, there are ways to get coins quickly in Ultimate Team. One of the fastest ways of doing so is selling good players as early as possible. During these early months of FIFA 18 being available, player values are far higher on the transfer market than they will be further down the line. As such, you’re actually better selling players as soon as you can, before buying them for less further down the line should you really want them in your team. Likewise, you’ll want to make sure any consumable cards you’re not using are going on the transfer market. Sometimes, these can be worth far more than you’d think, so you’re best selling them than having them clog up your Ultimate Team.

The transfer market is one of the best ways to make coins fast in FIFA 18’s Ultimate Team. Just like previous years, it’s possible to watch the average market price, buy any cards you see available for lower than this average price, before selling them on at a profit. It can be hard work and tedious, sure, but the grind will certainly pay off eventually.

Finally, you’ll want to keep an eye out on what requirements certain Squad Building Challenges have every once in a while. Sometimes, a player that would normally be worth very little (for example, a bronze German striker) may be required. When this happens, you’ll see the market price for these players surging. Use this knowledge to sell off any unwanted players for a far higher profit than you normally would.

Have you got any other tips for getting coins fast in FIFA 18’s Ultimate Team? Share them with your fellow fans down below, and be sure to check out our wiki for more on FIFA 18.

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