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FIFA 18 Hunter Returns: How Long it Is & How Many Chapters There Are


FIFA 18 Hunter Returns: How Long it Is & How Many Chapters There Are

How Long FIFA 18’s Hunter Returns Mode Is & How Many Chapters There Are

Alex Hunter became everyone’s favorite budding talent when he was introduced in FIFA 17’s The Journey. Well, good news, because you can continue his story in FIFA 18’s Hunter Returns. Players will guide the youngster through his second season as he travels the world and rubs shoulders with soccer legends. While we know Hunter Returns spans the length of the second season, many players may be wondering just how long it takes to get through FIFA 18’s story mode.

It took us roughly 13 hours to reach the end of all six chapters in Hunter Returns. This included us partaking in every single training session in between games, watching all of the cutscenes, and upgrading Hunter with skill points as and when we’d acquired enough. You could cut your playtime down by not partaking in training sessions, but this will hinder Hunter’s rating progression, so we don’t advise you do this. Similarly, you can skip the cutscenes if you’re not interested in the story, but it’s such an integral part of Hunter Returns that we don’t advise this either. Still, if you just want to play soccer as Hunter once more, you can probably shave a couple of hours off that time.

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