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FIFA 18: How to Change Difficulty Settings


FIFA 18: How to Change Difficulty Settings

How to Change Difficulty Settings in FIFA 18

FIFA 18 boasts a ton of both offline and online modes for you to test your skills against. When playing online, the skill level of your opponent will be down to the luck of the draw. However, if you’re playing offline, you can change difficulty settings to make sure the level of challenge is just right for you.

FIFA 18 has six different difficulty settings to choose from. Beginner will offer very little challenge and is ideal if you’re a complete newcomer, while Legendary offers a brutal test of your soccer skills. To change difficulty settings, from the main menu use R1/ RB to head all the way over to the Customize menu and choose Settings. Now select Game Settings and the second option down here you can change is Difficulty Level. Ensure this is highlighted and then use left or right to flick between the different difficulty settings.

FIFA 18 also has a dynamic difficulty setting which will automatically suggest raising or lowering the difficulty depending on how you’re playing at the current setting. A window will appear at the end of a match once you’ve won or been defeated heavily several games in a row at the current difficulty.

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