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FIFA 18 Hunter Returns: How to Get More Clothes


FIFA 18 Hunter Returns: How to Get More Clothes

How to Get More Clothes in FIFA 18’s Hunter Returns

Last year, FIFA fans were introduced to Alex Hunter. A young, English prospect breaking into the world of professional soccer. After a whirlwind season of success, FIFA 18 continues the story over the course of another season. A new addition to Hunter Returns is the ability to customize Alex’s look with clothes, hairstyles, and variations to his kit. Here’s how to unlock more clothes and gear in FIFA 18’s Hunter Returns.

Many of the clothes that you can unlock require you to complete certain objectives or simply progress through the mode’s six chapters. There’s nothing particularly difficult to many of these, but if there’s a particular piece of clothing you do want, you can check what you need to do to unlock it. To do this, simply find it in the Customisation menu and look next to the padlock icon below its image. For example, some hoodies may require you to “Reach Max Fiery Personality,” while another will ask you to reach max cool personality, instead. As such, you might not be able to unlock everything in a single playthrough of Hunter Returns in FIFA 18, but there’ll be little you don’t have by the end.

Some clothes may also require that you complete an objective for one of the six chapters. You can check what you need to do and your progress towards these objectives at any time by simply selecting the “Objectives” tile from the main screen in Hunter Returns.

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