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FIFA 18 Ultimate Team: How to Change Your Squad Name


FIFA 18 Ultimate Team: How to Change Your Squad Name

How to Change Your Squad Name in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

When you first start Ultimate Team in FIFA 18, your team will be given a completely random name. For me, that was Croydon FC, and while I appreciate the very English feel of this name, it doesn’t quite scream “This is a team of superstars.” As such, like me, you’ll probably want to change your squad name to something more fitting.

Changing your Ultimate Team squad name in FIFA 18 is the same as it has been in previous entries in the series. Once you’re in the Ultimate Team mode, make your way to the Squads menu by using R1/ RB to quickly skip through the menu bar. Once here, select the My Squads option. You should now see a list of all of your Ultimate Team squads. Simply select the squad name you want to change and press the Square/ X button. Use the on-screen keyboard to name your squad whatever you’d like and then press the Options or Start button to confirm your choice.

And that’s all there is to changing your squad name in Ultimate Team. For more on FIFA 18 including general information and guides, be sure to check out our wiki.

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