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FIFA 18 Ultimate Team: How to Get FUT Draft Entries


FIFA 18 Ultimate Team: How to Get FUT Draft Entries

How to Get FUT Draft Entries in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

FUT Draft has become one of the more popular game modes in Ultimate Team in recent years and it returns in FIFA 18. Players are given a choice of players and must pick one from each set until they have a complete starting 11. There is an element of luck of the draw involved, but it does give you a chance of playing with an incredible fantasy team without having to put in all the trading and grinding effort. You can’t just play this mode whenever you want, though, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got FUT Draft Entries first.

In order to get FUT Draft Entries in FIFA 18, you’ll normally have to hand over 15,000 coins for a single one. Alternatively, you can spend 300 FIFA Points (which can be purchased with real money) in order to get yourself a Draft Entry as well.

These aren’t the only ways you can get FUT Draft Entries, though. While it’s pretty rare, you can also get them out of packs, too. You’ll often also be given them if you lose in the first round of a draft you’re already participating in rather than other packs. At least you’ll have a second chance at earning some sweet cards for your Ultimate Team.

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