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FIFA 18: How to Do the Dab Celebration


FIFA 18: How to Do the Dab Celebration

How to Do the Dab Celebration in FIFA 18

The FIFA 18 demo is now live and gives players a chance to check out all of the new features, tweaks, and additions that EA Sports has made to the general on-the-pitch gameplay. While FIFA 18 features a number of new celebrations, one that was introduced last year and became incredibly popular was the dab celebration. As you may have expected following its rise to popularity in online games, it’s back once more.

If you’ve played FIFA 17 last year then you’ll already know how to do this celebration. Simply hold down R1/ RB and then double tap the Triangle / Y button. This will have your player doing a little dab dance celebration, and some of their teammates come and join them in their antics, too.

If you’ve just scored with Paul Pogba, however, the dab celebration becomes much easier to do. Simply press the X/ A button and he’ll automatically do it as his signature celebration. Everyone else, however, will require you to do the previous method mentioned above.

The FIFA 18 demo is now live on Xbox One and PS4, and the game will officially release on Sept. 29. Early access is available via the Ronaldo Edition, or for EA Access members at earlier dates.

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