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FIFA 18: How to Get Skill Points


FIFA 18: How to Get Skill Points

How to Get Skill Points in FIFA 18

Whether you’re playing in FIFA 18’s Pro Clubs mode, or guiding young Alex through his second season of professional football in Hunter Returns, Skill Points will be something you’ll want to get hold of. As the name suggests, these are a currency you’ll use to unlock traits and improve your Pro Clubs player’s or Alex Hunter’s stats. As such, some players may be wondering how to get skill points easily in FIFA 18. The answer to that question is simple, but will also require you to put in some serious time.

When it comes to Hunter Returns, Skill Points will simply be earned by strong performances in matches. Training drills will also improve Hunter’s stats, but they don’t reward these useful points.

It’s the same deal in Pro Clubs. You’ll earn these points by simply playing matches, and you can get them faster by finishing games with a high match rating. The match rating is determined by a range of things from number of completed passes, number of goals scored or assists made, and the success rate of your tackles just to name a few. Even if you play terribly every game, you’ll still unlock Skill Points in FIFA 18, they’ll just come slower.

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