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FIFA 18: How to Do a Fake Shot


FIFA 18: How to Do a Fake Shot

How to Do a Fake Shot in FIFA 18

Just because you’re one-on-one with the keeper in FIFA 18, doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to score. Sure, veteran players will know all the right ways to bury a shot into the back of the goal, but for other players, the keeper could catch them out. That’s where knowing how to do a fake shot can become an invaluable tool in your offensive arsenal, sending the keeper the wrong way and giving yourself more time to place your shot.

In order to do a fake shot in FIFA 18, you’ll need to be pretty quick on the buttons. When you’re through on goal and ready to trick the keeper with your silky skills, press Circle/ B as you normally would for a shot, but instantly press X / A straight after. You almost want to roll your thumb across the buttons one after the other. At the same time, you need to have the left analog stick in the direction that you want your player to turn following the fake shot.

It can take some getting used to, especially when the pressure is on and you have defenders breathing down your neck. If you’re struggling to nail the method in a match, use FIFA 18’s practice arena to get to grips with it.

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