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The Director of Ant-Man 2 Wants the “Unmessed-with” Star Wars Released


The Director of Ant-Man 2 Wants the “Unmessed-with” Star Wars Released

Is there new hope for A New Hope?

The fans of Star Wars have spoken for years now, but the crowd of voices got a little bit louder when Peyton Reed, who is currently directing Ant-Man & The Wasp, joined in on the conversation.

For the younger Star Wars fans who may not know, the versions of Star Wars you grew up with, at least the ones that focused on Luke Skywalker, the Rebels, and, of course, the infamous Han Solo, were not the original films. After their theatrical release, George Lucas, who used to call the shots at the company named after himself, re-released the films, but with new sound effects, CGI, and multiple other changes that altered the movies. And although anyone would be quick to say the Star Wars is a classic, the original prints haven’t even been given to the National Film Registry, despite asking Lucas for the 1977 print. He instead sent them the Special Edition re-release from 1997. Currently, the only way to legally watch the original version of the movies is on VHS and Laserdisc.

But Reed and other fans of the series think there is new hope that A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi may get released as they originally were meant to be seen. After all, George Lucas is out and Disney is in. And the Ant-Man director is hoping that because of this, we may get a 1977 version of the film on Blu-Ray instead of the special edition recuts.

Although Marvel and Lucasfilm both fall under the Mouse House umbrella, it doesn’t mean that Reed has more sway than any of the fans who have been asking for the same thing since 1997. But it could bring the issue back up again and bring Disney at least a step closer so that they could forever immortalize the original 35mm and all of its glory.

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