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Minecon Is Dead, Long Live Minecon

Minecon Earth


Minecon Is Dead, Long Live Minecon

Minecon is going virtual and local.

Minecon as the world knew it is no more. Mojang announced today that the Minecraft convention held annually and attracting thousands of fans since 2010 will be replaced by a livestream and a series of smaller, local events.

The 90-minute livestream, which Mojang is calling Minecon Earth, will hit the internet on November 18th at 1 p.m. EST.

“We’ve always wanted to make it easier for more of our community to participate in Minecon,” explained Mojang Director of Creative Communications Owen Jones. “This year we’re focussing on interactive coverage of a condensed, extra special, show that you can watch live via the internet.”

But what about all the convention schwag? Mojang has fans covered there, promising to deliver the goods directly to fans’ homes — if they buy them. Select partners will sell Minecon Earth-branded paraphernalia online.

Keeping alive Minecon’s physical nature, local events will be hosted by partners instead of by Mojang and Microsoft. Mojang is promising to supply more information on these events soon. For now, the developer name-checked a few of the partners and gave some basic details.

“Unlike previous Minecons, these local gatherings will be hosted by community-led partners such as Minefaire, Minevention and Blockfest (a brand new event by the nice folks at Multiplay),” added Jones. “These partners (along with many more to come) have gained our official stamp of approval to throw authentic in-person Minecraft experiences. You’ll get to meet your favorite YouTubers and streamers, compete in tournaments and costume contests, see unique content, and more.”

Known as Minecraft Community Events, these local gatherings won’t coincide with Minecon Earth. Dates and locations will be revealed “in the near future.”


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