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Microsoft Is No Longer Selling the Original Xbox One

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Microsoft Is No Longer Selling the Original Xbox One

Pour one out for the OG Xbox One.

If you haven’t made the jump to the Xbox One yet, you’ll no longer be able to purchase the console in the US. Microsoft has now taken the original Xbox One off of its site. There is still an option to purchase a refurbished version of the original console, but if you are looking for a new system, all the focus has shifted onto the Xbox One S for those looking to buy into the brand. And, of course, Microsoft is looking to sell the Xbox One X to the hardcore gamers who want a more powerful home console that sports the Xbox logo.

Although this seemingly spells out the official end of the original Xbox One, which is now almost 4 years old, the system is still listed in the UK. However, although there is still an entry for it, the console is listed as currently out of stock. Which surely means that it will no longer be sold anywhere other than a few locations that still have the OG console laying around somewhere.

So gamers looking to grab an Xbox One for the first time, or replacing one of the older models now have two options. Gamers can pick up an Xbox One S alone or as part of a bundle. And of course, there is that shiny new Xbox One X that is set to release on Nov. 7. Rest in peace Xbox One.

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