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Xbox One “Underperformed” Against “Strong” PlayStation 4, According to GameStop



Xbox One “Underperformed” Against “Strong” PlayStation 4, According to GameStop

The company is “pleased” with Xbox One X pre-orders, though.

GameStop’s chief executive officer Paul Raines, chief operating officer Tony Bartel and chief financial officer Robert Lloyd all held the retailer’s quarterly financial conference call yesterday, revealing details about the present and potential future of the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Switch.

Firstly, the Nintendo Switch is cited by Raines as GameStop’s “most successful Nintendo launch ever”, responsible for generating a 14.8% year-on-year increase in hardware sales for the company. With the console’s attach rate being so high (“over 5-to-1”), the retailer sees this as an indication that strong consumer demand for consoles is still “healthy”, although every system has potential to sell more.

Lloyd claims that PlayStation 4 “has also been strong this year”,  but close competitor Xbox One “underperformed” against it across new and pre-owned sales. He was quick to add that this may be because fans are patiently waiting for the Xbox One X, holding off on buying the system until the mid-generation upgrade arrives.

On that note, even with pre-orders for the Xbox One X just opening, GameStop is “pleased” with the consumer response that they’ve gotten so far. Indeed, the console is sold out across most retail channels as of late.

Speaking purely on the subject of software, sales are up 19% year-in-year and are expected to grow further by anywhere from 5 to 10% next quarter with the release of titles like Destiny 2 and the newest Call of Duty. GameStop expects good allocations of frequently sold-out items throughout the holiday season too, including the Switch and Xbox One X.

In other console news, it was revealed by Microsoft recently that developers will be able to make exclusive content for the Xbox One X, whose Project Scorpio Edition is the most pre-ordered Xbox in the shortest time ever.

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