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Developers Will Be Able to Bring Exclusive Content to Xbox One X

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Developers Will Be Able to Bring Exclusive Content to Xbox One X

And here we thought all Xbox One X games would be the same as Xbox One games.

Ever since first announcing the Xbox One X, Microsoft has tried to drill into consumers’ heads that its 4K console would have the same exact content as the standard Xbox One, just with upgraded visuals. Now, however, it appears that this may not be the case after all.

“I think largely we want to empower the developer to make the choices for themselves,” Corporate Vice President, Xbox Program Management, Mike Ybarra told VG247 when asked if some game content could appear only on Xbox One X and not on Xbox One.

“There will be a premise of look, games have to run on both,” he continued. “Of course, X is going to have better visuals, maybe a higher frame rate… It’s up to the developer. It depends on what they want to do.

“But in general if I go buy a copy of Game X from the store I can plug it into X, I can plug it into S, and I’ll have a great time with that.”

Ybarra also pointed out that there will be a graphical difference between Xbox One and Xbox One X versions of games, but that much has been clear for some time, as Microsoft has pitched improved graphical fidelity as the entire reason for the Xbox One X’s existence. Games will also load faster on the Xbox One X.

Developers will apparently have some freedom in deciding how Xbox One X game variants differ from their Xbox One brethren, but Ybarra said that ‘from a look and feel I want to keep this as consistent as possible across those devices.”

Xbox boss-guy Phil Spencer previously said during E3 2016 when announcing the Xbox One X (known as Project Scorpio at the time), that all Xbox games and accessories would be playable on both Xbox One X and Xbox One. But Microsoft later allowed that this wasn’t entirely accurate since Xbox One X could get exclusive VR games.

Now it sounds like the console holder is cracking the exclusive door open even further, if not for more full games at least for some exclusive in-game content.


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