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Mario Kart Wii Unused Mission Mode Discovered

Mario Kart Wii

Mario Kart Wii Unused Mission Mode Discovered

More Mario Kart is always a good thing.

While the core gameplay of the Mario Kart series has stayed the same since the franchise premiered with Super Mario Kart in 1992, some features have come and went with each successive iteration. Mario Kart DS had a feature called mission mode, consisting of seven levels that each had eight missions and a boss battle. No Mario Kart game before or since has had Mission Mode, but recently it was discovered that Nintendo planned for Mario Kart Wii to have its own version of the mode.

YouTuber MrBean35000vr found that there were entries for five titles in the table for the main menu instead of the four that are actually displayed. From there he was able to simulate how the menus would have worked if they had been implemented into the final version of the game. Unfortunately, none of the menu text survived, but he was able to force the game to show a facsimile of where the text would be located.

We’ll probably never know exactly what would have been included in Mario Kart Wii’s mission mode, but in the video below you can hear some supposition of what it may have been like. If it was anything like Mario Kart DS’s some of the objectives could have included performing wheelies, collecting a certain amount of item boxes, defeating enemies, and of course power-sliding for points.


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