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New Horizon Zero Dawn Patch Adds Easier Difficulty Setting

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New Horizon Zero Dawn Patch Adds Easier Difficulty Setting

Blast through the story.

Guerilla Games has announced that Horizon Zero Dawn is getting an easier difficulty setting in the latest patch for the game.

The ‘Story’ difficulty setting has been added to Horizon Zero Dawn for players who want to just enjoy the story without having to worry about combat. More specifically, Aloy will deal more damage to enemies while she will take less damage herself.

Last month, Guerilla Games catered to a different audience in terms of game difficulty. In patch 1.30, the ‘Ultra Hard’ difficulty was added to give fans a more challenging experience. On top of this, the developer introduced New Game+, which lets players replay the story while keeping the upgrades from the first playthrough.

Horizon Zero Dawn originally released earlier this year on the PlayStation 4, receiving praise from both fans and critics. Over 2.5 million copies of the game were bought in the first two weeks after coming out, making it Guerilla Games’ most successful game launch to date.

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