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Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition Coming to PC in Early 2018

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Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition Coming to PC in Early 2018

Better hair for all the boys.

Final Fantasy XV is a gorgeous game on consoles, but if you’ve been hoping to see just how much prettier it can get on PC, you won’t have to wait much longer. Square Enix has just announced that Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition will be coming to PC early next year.

Players can also expect the following features and support in the PC version of the game:

  • NVIDIA Flow – creates vivid, combustible fluid, fire and smoke.
  • NVIDIA HairWorks – creates dynamic, life-like hair and fur for characters, animals and monsters that inhabit the game.
  • NVIDIA ShadowWorks – enables characters to cast shadows on themselves.
  • NVIDIA Turf Effects – creates life-like grass and vegetation in the game environment.
  • NVIDIA VXAO – adds depth and realism based on the physics principles shadows and light.

In addition to that, the game will also have NVIDIA Ansel support, so players will be able to take their own in-game screenshots with filters and other tools before sharing them on social media.

Final Fantasy XV is now available on PS4 and Xbox One, and will come to PC in early 2018.

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