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FIFA 14 to Be Removed from the EA Access Library

fifa 14


FIFA 14 to Be Removed from the EA Access Library

Farewell, FIFA 14.

For the first time since the feature launched in 2014, the EA Access library will be having a game removed from its catalogue rather than added. EA has announced that FIFA 14 will be removed as the game’s servers are being shut down and support for the game will cease.

As announced on EA’s official website, FIFA 14 will only be available to play in single-player and all online components will be shut down. Therefore, the company has opted to remove the game from the EA Access library. Notably, FIFA 14 was one of the first games available in the Access catalogue when the feature was first launched. The game is set to be removed on October 18. Those who have already downloaded the game will be able to keep it but it won’t be available to download for those who haven’t.

“We’re sad to see any title leave the collection, and rest assured that we’ll do our best to limit removals in the future,” said EA. “For now, we hope you’ll enjoy the other great games in our service–like all the latest FIFA titles–and we look forward to seeing you on the pitch.”

EA Access is a feature where users pay a monthly subscription fee and thereby gain access to a large library of EA games. The feature was originally pitched to both the Xbox One, PC, and the PS4, but so far it’s only available on Xbox and PC.


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