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Death Stranding Has Some Pretty Good Looking Fog Showcased in a New Tech Demo


Death Stranding Has Some Pretty Good Looking Fog Showcased in a New Tech Demo

Don’t get lost in the fog.

Not a lot is known about Hideo Kojima’s latest project Death Stranding. Aside from the title being published by Sony and developed by Kojima’s new company, Kojima Productions, there is a serious lack of information about the story. Even with two trailers already having been released, it’s hard to make out what this game will be or how long fans will have to wait before it releases to console. However, at Siggraph 2017, a new tech demo was released showcasing the dynamic weather and fog system the game will use thanks to the Decima engine.

Quickly, if you aren’t sure what Siggraph is, it’s an annual conference that showcases the best of the tech world through demos, art, screenings, and interactive events. This year, Kojima Production’s Kohei Ishiyama and Giliam de Carpentier of Guerrilla Games were some of the presenters at the conference, bringing with them information about the Decima engine and the sweet, dynamic fog. You can check out the demo below.

Although this short, 15-second clip doesn’t give us any more insight into Death Stranding, it does show off the way weather and fog will alter over the course of the game to reflect the mood and tell the story…whatever that story ends up being. It also continues to show us the power of the Decima engine that was the collaborative brain child of Guerrilla Games and Kojima Productions, which was used to create one of this years PlayStation exclusives, Horizon: Zero Dawn.

It may not be a new trailer or major announcement, but seeing anything from the upcoming, open world title shows the amount of work and effort being put into this game and that even the fog and mist is going to impress gamers playing Death Stranding at any resolution, especially 4K.

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