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Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story Will Debut at Gamescom


Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story Will Debut at Gamescom

Another chance to explore someone’s phone.

If you enjoyed the mystery narrative game A Normal Lost Phone, you’ll definitely want to pounce on the spiritual successor Accidental Queens is debuting at Gamescom. It’s called Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story, and it’s coming for PC, iOS and Android. Once again players will be asked to delve into a stranger’s phone to help unravel the keys to their social life and thus decipher the narrative in front of them.

In Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story, players will be asked to try and figure out what happened to a young woman named Laura by putting together crucial pieces of a story by exploring her cell phone, social networks, hidden passwords, text messages and more. According to the developer, it seems as though it will touch on some important social issues and will feature themes similar to the first game.

If you’re planning on heading to Gamescom, you might want to check out what this intriguing phone exploration game features, especially because games like these are inherently awesome. If you find that you totally love it, rest assured there are lots of other games like this out there that give the same thrill that comes with thumbing through someone’s private information and the “sanctum” of their personal phone. Creepy stuff. You can check out the reveal trailer below. Currently the game is slated for official debut this fall.


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