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Splatoon 2 Getting a New DLC Weapon Tomorrow

Splatoon 2 Free DLC Multi-Missile Weapon

Splatoon 2 Getting a New DLC Weapon Tomorrow

Two ink missiles are better than one.

Splatoon 2 has only been out for one week, but Nintendo is already showing that it’s serious about its promise to continually provide free content updates to the shooter for its first year of release. Following the release of the inkbrush weapon last week, Nintendo will release a second new free DLC weapon for the game tomorrow.

Nintendo’s Japanese Splatoon Twitter account wrote this morning that a “multi-missile” weapon, pictured above, would make its way into Splatoon 2 tomorrow. The initial tweet actually mistakenly referred to the weapon as a “super missile,” but a quick correction from Nintendo clarified that it was multiple, not super. Naming confusion aside, the multi-missile is a pair of long-range guns that allow players to slide and then perform dual strikes that sound like they’ll consolidate into a single stream.

The multi-missile first appeared in a January Splatoon 2 trailer, so its announcement as free DLC isn’t a surprise, but fans weren’t expecting it to release tomorrow.


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