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Fantasy and Horror-Themed Fighter Omen of Sorrow Will Be Playable At EVO 2017


Fantasy and Horror-Themed Fighter Omen of Sorrow Will Be Playable At EVO 2017

Creatures of legend get a modern twist

Ever since Omen of Sorrow was first announced at last year’s PlayStation Experience, news regarding the upcoming fighter has been relatively scarce. The concept still sticks around in the minds of some who are wondering just how well the creatures of old legends, myths and horror stories will come together in one game. You can’t deny the fact that a theme like this has the potential to pull together an extremely interesting cast of characters as long as developers are willing to step outside the box a little bit. The reveal trailer for AOne Game’s upcoming 2D fighter confirmed a mongrel knight named Gabriel, a psychotic alchemist who is none other than Dr. Hyde, a werewolf by the name of Caleb, and a gargoyle succubus hybrid named Radegonda. Since then we’ve also seen the addition of the vampire character Vladislav and some sort of awesome battle angel named Zafkiel.

It isn’t clear if all of these characters will be playable at EVO 2017 but gamers will certainly be able to get their hands on Caleb, Gabriel and Zafkiel. The demo will give players a feel for the mechanics and also allow them to see what exactly these matchups are looking like so far. For now, the gameplay mechanics is the least of AOne Game’s concerns. In a press release, the developer was confident that Omen of Sorrow’s mechanics will live up to the type of gaming experience players expect. Combat designer Felipe Munoz said the real focus now is to make sure that the game’s matchmaking delivers the same incredible experience they expect the gameplay to provide.

“We’ve got the certainty that players will enjoy what we’ll show at EVO, our next challenge is to finalize our custom matchmaking server to avoid the problems other fighting game titles have suffered,” Munoz explained in the press release. “Fortunately Microsoft Azure has placed their trust upon us, so we’ll be able to use their global infrastructure to provide a superior quality experience.”

EVO 2017 kicks off on July 14 and ends on July 16.

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