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See How Mario Kart VR Makes Hurling Shells at Friends More Personal Than Ever


See How Mario Kart VR Makes Hurling Shells at Friends More Personal Than Ever

Just as delightfully intense as we imagined

We are only days away from virtual reality Mario Kart being a real thing and a new trailer shows off just how intense this VR experience is going to feel. Mario Kart has always been the game that you play alongside friends during a casual gathering of competitive fun. Sure, we all get a little tilted when our (former) best friend hurls a red shell at us and snatches us out of first place but after a few hours friendships usually mend themselves and all seems well in the world. That might change though once you strap on a pair of VR goggles and give it another go.

Some new footage of just what it will be like to race against others in Mario Kart VR makes all the racing mayhem all the more real and much more intense. As you zoom past competitors, or watch them zoom past you, you can lock eyes with them and watch their character’s facial expression react to their new placing in the race. Meanwhile, it will be up to you to grab shells, bananas and other items during the race to help you get a competitive edge over the other racers. So be prepared to take a few sharp turns with one hand if you want to consider yourself a true Mario Kart champion and, at the very least, come out victorious as you put your friendships to the test.

The hype surrounding Mario Kart VR was already at an all time high, despite the fact that it will initially only be available at one arcade in Japan, but this new footage makes the experience even more tantalizing. Mario Kart VR will race into VR Zone on July 14 where it will land along side a wide variety of other VR games. In addition to being able to step into the world of Mario Kart, visitors can also test their Saiyan potential in Dragon Ball VR or witness the intensity of a clash between massive Gundams in the Gundam VR game Daiba Assault.

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