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Top 10 Best Gaming Deals from Amazon’s End of July Sale


Top 10 Best Gaming Deals from Amazon’s End of July Sale

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MGV: Phantom Pain Definitive Edition

sale price: $19.99 Digital (PS4/XB1)

mgsv, metal gear survive

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is an immense technical achievement that is arguably director Hideo Kojima’s best work to date from a gameplay perspective. Its large open world facilitates tactical experimentation, combining an arsenal of gadgets and weapons for an emergent gameplay experience that never feels samey. If you’re the sort of gamer that loves experimentation, MGSV gives players the freedom to approach its open world objectives from almost limitless angles.

MGSV’s narrative might have come under a little flak for not being quite as strong as previous entries, but there’s still all the trademark Kojima characters and plot twists to enjoy. The single player experience is also complimented by the an awesome multiplayer offering, which spans several interesting modes.

If you haven’t already played what is certainly one of this generation’s best games, here’s your chance to pick up the Definitive Edition of MGSV for less than $20 on Xbox One. The Definitive Edition includes the Ground Zeroes prologue, as well as additional weapons skins. Given the package probably equates to well over 100 combined hours of gameplay, you’re getting excellent value for money here.

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