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Nyko Unveils Nintendo Switch Portable Docking Station at E3


Nyko Unveils Nintendo Switch Portable Docking Station at E3

Very slick.

Third party accessories manufacturer Nyko has revealed new accessories for the Nintendo Switch at E3. Of particular note is the snazzy Portable Docking Kit, a travel-size secondary dock that allows players to hook up to a TV without lugging around the larger standard dock.

Other neat accessories included the Power Shell Case, a protective case that both stores the console and game cards and includes a battery back for extra power. There’s also a Charge Block for Joy-Con, which is a drop-and-charge solution that’s compatible with Nyko’s existing line of Charge Blocks.

Chris Arbogast, Nyko’s Director of Sales and Marketing states:

“The Switch console’s mobile, on-the-go design creates a unique set of challenges for players, and allowed us to expand beyond our core offerings for PlayStation and Xbox to create solutions enhancing its portability… We’re offering a line of accessible power and protective accessories that extend gameplay time while protecting the console from wear-and-tear.”

Nyko’s Nintendo Switch accessories will soon be available for pre-order on Select products will be available at GameStop,, and Walmart, and the entire lineup will be available online at and later this year.


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