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Fire Emblem Warriors is Full of Swords, Spells and Drama

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Fire Emblem Warriors is Full of Swords, Spells and Drama

Action over strategy.

Fire Emblem Warriors received a new trailer at today’s Nintendo E3 Showcase.

The game will star two siblings, new characters for the series who must fight heroes from Fire Emblem’s past, including Marth, Chrom, Roy, and heroes from Fire Emblem Fates. The game is very much a warriors style game, similar to Hyrule Warriors. It combines Fire Emblem characters with the high-octane action the Dynasty Warriors games are known for.

The new trailer focused mainly on story, highlighting which heroes will make an appearance and showing off beautiful graphics. Seeing Fire Emblem characters realized in full 3D is stunning and the action frantic and visually fantastic. The inclusion of new characters and classic characters will draw comparisons to Fire Emblem Heroes, the first mobile entry in the series. But where that title focused on maintaining the series’ classic strategy-heavy gameplay, Warriors will be all about tearing through hordes of enemies, defending fortresses, and mastering multiple characters to take down bosses with massive health bars. It’s a nice change from the games that have previously comprised the series and will highlight the inherent action of Fire Emblem.

The game will be releasing in Fall 2017 exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Stay tuned to for more information on the game as E3 continues.

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