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Dragon Age’s Creative Director Confirms “Something Is Happening”

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Dragon Age’s Creative Director Confirms “Something Is Happening”

Folks are being hired.

Dragon Age is one of the biggest fantasy RPGs around and the most recent installment, Inquisition, was very well received by both gamers and critics alike for its large open maps, interesting characters, and fun gameplay. Fans of the series will no doubt be eager for a new game and, whilst nothing has officially been announced, it looks like there is something in the pipeline.

Whilst speaking on the 1099 Podcast, Dragon Age’s creative director Mike Laidlaw confirmed that “something is happening with Dragon Age.” He remained pretty tight-lipped, but did reveal that BioWare’s Dragon Age team is currently “hiring a lot of people.”

“As I’ve jokingly said, I am the creative director for the Dragon Age franchise and they haven’t fired me yet,” he said. Inquisition was the most successful launch in BioWare history so it seems likely that the studio would want to make another.

The fact that a new game was in the works was confirmed earlier this year when the creator of the game Sunless Sea confirmed he had joined BioWare to work on a new installment. Here’s hoping we hear more from the highly anticipated game sooner rather than later.

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