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Beyond Good and Evil 2 Will Be on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, No Sign of Switch

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Beyond Good and Evil 2 Will Be on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, No Sign of Switch

Despite rumors of Switch Exclusivity a few months back.

A little while back, when we found out that Beyond Good and Evil 2 was indeed on its way, rumors were abound that the game would be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch (still known then as the NX) thanks to the company funding its development. These rumors really gathered some steam, and even after its full reveal, some still believed that the game would be heading to the Switch only. According to beta signups, though, it appears to be the opposite case.


The Beyond Good and Evil 2 Space Monkey Program, Ubisoft’s name for the beta initiative, began signups the other day, and asks players to choose their preferred platform. Curiously absent, and pretty much debunking all rumors about a Nintendo-funded game, is the Nintendo Switch. The only available platforms are PC, PS4, and Xbox One. This doesn’t completely rule out a Switch release, since the beta might only be running on these three platforms, but this can be taken as pretty concrete proof that BGE2 is going to be on all platforms.



If you’re so inclined, you can sign up to the Space Monkey Program by heading this way. Regardless of the platforms the game will end up on, a Switch version of the game would be interesting, despite the fact that we know so little about what to expect right now. Beyond Good and Evil 2 was finally confirmed to be heading our way in the near future during the Ubisoft conference the other day, after years of teasing and speculation. Many thought the game had been cancelled entirely, so upon seeing that beautiful CG trailer and the title pop up on-screen, there was a rousing sigh of relief and excitement.


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