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PlatinumGames Is Either Hyping Up a New Bayonetta Or Losing Their Minds

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PlatinumGames Is Either Hyping Up a New Bayonetta Or Losing Their Minds

What’s happening?!

Something weird’s happening over at Platinum Games’ YouTube. The first row of videos were all recently uploaded within the last day or so, and all are fairly brief clips of everyone’s favorite witch, Bayonetta. They’re clips from the first two games wherein our titular heroine says something quite cheeky or ridiculous (the most recent being the one below), and they all repeat themselves three times. Now, it could mean absolutely nothing…or, it could be a soft tease for Bayonetta 3.

Let’s look at the evidence. Along with the aforementioned Bayonetta clips, each one also has a link to the game’s website. There, developer Kazuyo Tsukuma talk about the lessons that the studio has learned from the first two games. But these aren’t just regular lessons. Oh no, these are “Adult English Lessons!” Conveniently enough, all three lessons are lines that Platinum has pulled to upload on YouTube. You can read all about the lessons here, but they basically boil down to these: #1, Naughty little angels deserve a good spanking; #2, don’t fuck with a Witch, and if you ignore #2, then there’s #3, she’ll “bust a cap in yo ass.” If we’re to take those three lessons and apply them with the videos each playing three times before ending, then that can only mean that Bayonetta 3 is indeed a thing. (Or that they just really like the number three, whichever comes first.)

Now, we don’t know definitively if this is proof. This isn’t as concrete as Platinum bringing their delightfully fun Vanquish to PC seems to be. If it’s not Bayonetta 3, then it could just be the second game finally making its way to non-WiiU platforms since it originally released in 2014 as an exclusive to Nintendo. Heck, maybe it’ll be coming over the Switch, which would be impressive in and of itself. Or maybe we’ve just finally lost our minds and grasping straws. We’ll find out when they finally get around to saying something.

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