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Parent Starts Their Future Gamer’s “Education” the Only Correct Way


Parent Starts Their Future Gamer’s “Education” the Only Correct Way

We all want to be this kind of parent, right?

There are some parents who would encourage their children to go outside on this glorious first weekend of Spring. Then there are other parents that would insist that Spring Break homework get done before school is back in session.

And then there’s Reddit user StinkStar who posted a photo of his two sons, indoors in comfy clothing and huddled in front of the television. Sound familiar? You were probably like that on a Saturday afternoon yourself! Ah, the good ol’ days. (Who are you kidding? We know you’re still in your pajamas playing Mass Effect. Don’t lie to us.)


As StinkStar put it, he “has decided to use this parenting weekend to begin their education.” What better way to educate your children then letting them loose on your old N64 with that bulky controller and adult palm-sized cartridges? First game on the list is the classic Super Mario 64.

Another user suggested other games that StinkStar could educate his kids with, such as Ocarina of Time. StinkStar already thought of that, responding with, “Gonna slap Dr. Mario in next. The coup de grace will be defeating Ganondorf.”

(Ironic how Nintendo tweeted how they think the first weekend in Spring should be spent earlier this afternoon.)

While we think that traditional education is extremely important, we also believe that starting kids off with the games we grew up with is, too. Getting them acquainted with old mechanics and blocky graphics will make them appreciate how far gaming has developed over time. Plus, it’s gratifying to see your kids react in the same ways you did when you were stuck at the same part some years ago. Almost as if there’s some sort of sweet vengeance for all the times you knew they were up to something but couldn’t catch them in the act. Yeah, it’s that kind of good.

This post was originally written by Katrina Convey.


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