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Doctor Fate Joins Injustice 2 Roster With Impressive New Gameplay Trailer

Dr Fate, Injustice 2

Doctor Fate Joins Injustice 2 Roster With Impressive New Gameplay Trailer

Justice is blind, not heartless.

The Injustice 2 roster just keeps getting better and better as Warner Bros. just announced that Doctor Fate will also be able to step into the ring this time around. We’re all still roughly two months away from having our favorite DC characters duke it out in Injustice 2 but Warner Bros is keeping anticipation and anxiety high with some incredible teaser trailers for the game’s new playable characters. Shortly after DC fans celebrated the addition of characters like Black Canary, Cheetah and Swamp Thing, Warner Bros. kept the celebrations going by releasing a gameplay trailer for Doctor Fate—and, oh boy, does he do a number on his opponents.

Doctor Fate is arguably not as popular or well known as some of the other DC characters that have already been announced for the game but one look at this trailer will easily convince those who have no idea who Doctor Fate is to rush to the nearest comic book store and dive deep into what will be surely be their new obsession.

Doctor Fate’s spellcasting, telekinetic and pyro kinetic abilities are on full display in the gameplay trailer as he first squares up with Superman. He also gets some serious points for the shade implied in the way he closes his spell book before making America’s favorite caped crusader look like a ragdoll. It’s much less of an “I’m worried about this fight. Let me prepare” thing and way more of a “how dare you speak to a sorcerer of my caliber like that, you tainted hero” kind of deal. The only thing that makes a great fighting game even more epic is playing up the drama and highlighting the tense relationships between the playable characters and Warner Bros. has been doing a fantastic job of this with Injustice 2 since the game was first publicly announced back in June 2016.

Doctor Fate joins an already impressive list of Injustice newcomers that also includes Atrocitus, Brainiac, Gorilla Grodd, Deadshot, Super Girl, Scarecrow, Blue Beetle, Poison Ivy and Darkseid. Injustice 2 is scheduled to release on May 16.

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