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Battlefield 1 Allows Premium Content Sharing Through Premium Friends Feature


Battlefield 1 Allows Premium Content Sharing Through Premium Friends Feature

Start adding some wealthy friends.

Especially for multiplayer games like Battlefield 1, there has long been a divide. Between players that purchase DLC packs and those who don’t. Battlefield 1’s Premium Pass gives a variety of in-game perks, including new weapons and two weeks of early access to expansion packs. Yesterday marked the first expansion, They Shall Not Pass becoming available for purchase for everyone. The DLC brings in the French army, an assortment of vehicles and weapons.

Fearing what always happens, with DLC maps eventually becoming deserted, DICE launched the Premium Friends program. With Premium Friends, any user with a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass can share access to maps with any friends they are in a party with. When joining or creating a party, if any member has a Premium Pass, it will be marked as “Premium Enabled”.

However, note that while anyone in a premium enabled party will be allowed access to paid content, only members that own the pass will be granted experience points. Access to vehicles that are native to the paid content will also be locked. On the bright side, all experience points and medal progress will be saved in the event that players wish to purchase a Premium Pass for themselves.

Premium Friends will launch for testing on Mar. 30, coinciding with the Battlefest.

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