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Overwatch New Developer Update Announces Permanent CTF and Server Browser

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Overwatch New Developer Update Announces Permanent CTF and Server Browser

CTF is here to stay

Overwatch’s Game Director Jeff Kaplan has just released the latest developer update and announced two new features for the game. First, Overwatch will be implementing a server browser for the game. The server browser is a way for players to host their own custom games publicly for other players to join them. The browser will be easily searchable and can filter out certain maps or heroes. Custom games are going to be getting some updates as well. Custom games will now start to give players exp for participating in games, just like all the other game modes.

Secondly, the Year of the Rooster event’s capture the flag mode will now be a permanent feature instead of a seasonal event. Capture the flag will be one of the game modes that players can choose from when searching for custom games. In addition to the three capture the rooster maps that were created for the event, there will now be nine additional maps designed for capture the flag. Ilios, Nepal, and Oasis will be getting their own converted maps for capture the flag. On top of this, the rules for capture the flag can be customized as well. Players can now choose to disable hero abilities or even change the pick-up time for the flag.

You can watch the full developer update here.

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