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League of Legends Is Giving Anivia a Samba-Dancing Carnival Skin [Update]


League of Legends Is Giving Anivia a Samba-Dancing Carnival Skin [Update]

Festive as hell

Update: We now have a tentative price for Festival Queen Anivia, as well as a breakdown of the skin’s features, via the League of Legends community boards:

Festival Queen Anivia will be 975 RP and includes:

  • New model and texture for Anivia and Eggnivia (so festive)!
  • New particles for all skills (confetti everywhere)!
  • New SFX for her recall animation and passive (let’s party~)!
  • New recall animation (check out her dance moves)!


Original story below

League of Legends is getting a new skin dedicated to Brazil’s Carnival, a massive yearly celebration marking the start of Lent. To honor the country’s week-long festivities, Festival Queen Anivia and her intense icebird plumage will be joining the Rift soon.

We don’t know much about the skin as of yet, with no confirmed release date or price. Festival Queen Anivia will hit the League of Legends PBE today, and according to IGN Brasil, will launch in time with Carnival, which is set to start on Feb. 24 this year. Until then, bask in the tropical plumage of the Festival Queen Anivia splash art:

We also have a brief look at Festival Queen Anivia’s abilities and recall animation thanks to the preview below. Her Flash Frost is a pink crystal of confetti, and Crystallize is now a multicolored ice wall of festive doom. And when Anivia is done, she recalls to base with a victory samba. It’s all pretty suitable for the week-long Carnival and its country-wide music, parades, and costumes.

Riot KateyKhaos has confirmed this is the only Carnival skin in the works for now, and the only skin arriving in today’s PBE patch. We should be learning more about its RP price tag soon, so stay tuned. We’ll update this post as more info arrives.



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