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It Seems the Fallout 4 ‘Killall’ Command Can Cause Some Hilarious Casualties

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It Seems the Fallout 4 ‘Killall’ Command Can Cause Some Hilarious Casualties

Killing the Bloodbug is still worth it.

It looks like using console commands in Fallout 4 to get rid of a simple Bloodbug can have some unforeseeable additional affects.

PC Gamer writer Chris Livingston shared a Fallout 4 experience on Twitter, when using the console command ‘Killall”  that is supposed to kill all NPCs within a vicinity – excluding companions and characters the game deems “vital” – some other bystanders were put to rest as well.

It seems using a shortcut to kill a particularly annoying Bloodbug can also cause some nearby NPCs in a Vertibird to come crashing to the ground all Michael Bay style.

Let’s be honest thought, if using the “Killall” command to destroy every Bloodbug in Fallout 4 also meant the explosion of every friendly Vertibird, we would probably go though with it anyways.



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