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Terry Crews Will Not Stop With This Overwatch Thing


Terry Crews Will Not Stop With This Overwatch Thing

Please let him be Doomfist!

After Terry Crews posted some pictures of him at the Blizzard campus there was much speculation that he would find his way into Overwatch, since he had already stated that he would love to voice a potential new character called Doomfist. Based on the amount of love Crews has for the character and his love of Blizzard titles, it would make sense that this new character would be out at some point. He added more fuel to the hype fire when he tweeted an article that speculated that he would make his way into Overwatch in the future. He also asked fans in the same tweet if they would like to seem him added as well.

He is clearly hinting at something, but whether or not he will actually voice Doomfist in the future has still not been confirmed and all of this talk remains to be speculation. But that won’t stop fans like us from hoping for the best.

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