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5 Painful Mistakes We Pray Game Developers Stop Making in 2017


5 Painful Mistakes We Pray Game Developers Stop Making in 2017

Let’s leave these mistakes in the past.

Putting Major Plot Points Outside of the Game

(Major Offender – Square Enix with Final Fantasy XV)

Final Fantasy XV was a solid game (you can check out our review here) but that doesn’t mean that it was without issues. The main problem revolved around the game’s narrative. Fans of Final Fantasy that watched Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV or the Brotherhood anime knew the ins and outs of the political plot as well as the bond between Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto. Unfortunately, those players who were just anticipating the game and put all of their attention solely into what’s on the disc were left in the dark. Many of the major events took place off screen, leaving the core of the story a bit hollow unless players were willing to buy a movie or seek out information online.

While it’s cool to have content that expands on the video game universe, it’s important that what’s in the game clearly depicts the core of the narrative. People buy video games for the full experience, and it’s a huge mistake to remove any key portion of that experience. Hopefully, this is one of those flubs that doesn’t make its way into 2017. There are a lot of upcoming RPGs, and we’d hate to be left lost in any of their large, open-world plots.

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