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Please, Blizzard, Let This Photo from Terry Crews Mean He’s Doomfist in Overwatch


Please, Blizzard, Let This Photo from Terry Crews Mean He’s Doomfist in Overwatch


Terry Crews has, for the past couple of years, become something of an internet sensation. His Old Spice commercials have become notable for being nothing short of completely ridiculous (along with incredibly entertaining), and he recently got into gaming along with his son. He even has his own Twitch account, which he streams from fairly regularly when he can. Also, remember how Crews started talking about how he would be totally up to voice Doomfist (or at least one of the three men with that moniker) in Overwatch?

Well, we may actually be getting that. Crews posted on his Instagram that he headed down to Irvine, CA to meet with the folks at Blizzard. And what’s more, he posted a selfie of himself in front of popular character Bastion and the Overwatch logo. Naturally, this has gotten a lot of people talking, and yes, plenty of people are commenting about the possibility of him being Doomfist.

Naturally, neither Terry Crews or Blizzard have said anything further, and likely won’t for a while. But if he does end up as Doomfist in Overwatch, it wouldn’t entirely be surprising. Earlier this year, Hideo Kojima was suddenly very interested in Mads Mikkelsen before it turned out that the Hannibal star was in his new project, Death Stranding. It’s not a 100% certain thing, but definitely something to keep in mind.

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