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Terry Crews Would Totally Be Down to Voice Doomfist in Overwatch


Terry Crews Would Totally Be Down to Voice Doomfist in Overwatch


You know Terry Crews? Big guy, played football before moving on to acting and being in all those Old Spice commercials and Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Well, he fairly recently got into gaming thanks to making his own PC, and over the weekend, he also got himself into some Overwatch. A couple of fans on Reddit thought that he should play Doomfist–the guy who owns the big gauntlet seen in the original trailer for the game. Or rather, one of the three guys with that moniker; since each one is referred to by a different title: “the Savior,” “the Scourge,” and “the Successor.”

Crews, who hadn’t posted on Reddit in over a year, decided to speak up on the matter, saying: “I would LOVE TO PLAY DOOMFIST.” Blizzard so far hasn’t said anything yet regarding either Terry Crews’ comments, but one imagines that if there’s a big enough campaign that it could possibly lead to somewhere.

If Terry Crews did end up in Overwatch as Doomfist, which of the three do you think he’d be? Let us know in the comments below.

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