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Life Is Strange Voice Actress Confirms She Is Aloy of Horizon Zero Dawn

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Life Is Strange Voice Actress Confirms She Is Aloy of Horizon Zero Dawn

The confirmation we’ve all been waiting for.

We didn’t really need another reason to get excited about Horizon Zero Dawn, but critically acclaimed voice actress Ashly Burch decided to give us a bonus one anyway. The BAFTA and Emmy-nominated actress behind characters like Chloe from Life Is Strange and Borderlands 2’s Tiny Tina announced on Twitter that she is now also the voice of Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy.

Many gamers who are familiar with Burch’s work already assumed she was the voice behind Horizon Zero Dawn’s main protagonist but that certainly didn’t stop anyone from expressing just how excited they were to finally get an official confirmation.

The highly anticipated title from Guerrilla Games has been a hot topic ever since gamers got a closer look at the upcoming RPG during E3 back in 2015. Since then, as with many of today’s most promising titles, Horizon Zero Dawn has seen delays that pushed the game back from an expected 2016 release date to February 28 of this year. While we may not know everything there is to know about the game just yet it was already promising a fresh take on a post-apocalyptic world and some incredibly touching character development. This game hasn’t even hit shelves yet and so many people are already exclaiming their adoration, connection and respect for Aloy. Discovering that Burch is indeed the voice behind this strong female character makes the anticipation even more delightfully unbearable.

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