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5 Horror Games that Inspired Resident Evil 7


5 Horror Games that Inspired Resident Evil 7

The root of evil.

Resident Evil

Resident Evil 7

One of the key influences for Resident Evil is, of course, the game that started it all. The original Resident Evil was set in a mysterious mansion with dozens of doors locked with bizarre devices. Victory in combat was never assured and bullets were a commodity that had to be hoarded. Resident Evil 7 returns to these mechanics, setting the game in a derelict house with bizarre keys to find that lead to strange contraptions and shambling enemies that can quickly eat through your supply of ammo.

The sense of dread and isolation that the first game in the series is incredibly prevalent in Resident Evil 7. You never know what new horror will await you around every corner. There are characters’ that are with you throughout the story, but no one stays around for long. As soon as things get tough you tend to be on your own, solving puzzles and fighting to survive and escape.

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