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4 Reasons to Get Hyped for Horizon Zero Dawn Next Month


4 Reasons to Get Hyped for Horizon Zero Dawn Next Month

Tiny Aloy!

A Fresh Take On the Post-Apocalyptic Stuff


Let’s be real; what’s the first thing that comes to mind each time someone utters the words “post-apocalyptic setting?” You immediately think about zombies, right? Thankfully, Horizon Zero Dawn has smartly opted to move away from that mindset and come up with a new setting that fits the idea of living in a world devastated by some sort of earth-shattering event. We don’t know what that catalyst is just yet, but we love the new world Guerrilla Games has come up with.

Instead of fighting zombies, monsters, and other sorts of deformed creatures you’d expect to find in a post-apocalyptic world, Horizon Zero Dawn presents a human civilization that has sort of returned to tribal roots. Humans live in camps and colonies, and they’ve gone back to the age-old tradition of hunting animals and wildlife, but with a twist. These animals aren’t exactly living things. They’re machines. Horizon Zero Dawn’s cool new setting suggests to us that perhaps humanity had gone too far with technological advancement, and now humans are forced to go back to their prehistoric roots while nature itself and the mechanical beings take over the land.

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