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Overwatch’s Bastion “Likely” to Receive Buffs in Next PTR Update

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Overwatch’s Bastion “Likely” to Receive Buffs in Next PTR Update

The bot gets mobile.

Bastion, one of Overwatch’s most hated heroes at one time, will be receiving several buffs to its abilities in the next Public Test Region (PTR) update. Blizzard Principal Designer Geoff Goodman took to the official forums in the topic, “Can the developers address Bastion?”, to explain some of the changes for Bastion that will “likely” be testable in the next PTR build.

Bastion’s recon mode, the character’s regular stance, will receive a lowered spread and increased magazine size to make its normal gun a more viable tactic. Bastion’s sentry mode is looking to be “more of a tank-buster and barrier-buster mode” by increasing spread and removing headshots, while receiving less damage when in the ability.

The self-repair ability gets a few huge changes by having Bastion able to use the ability while moving and will not be interrupted when taking damage. To counter this, Goodman says, the self-repair will function like D.Va’s defense matrix and limited to a resource system.

These buffs are subject to change and Goodman did not say when the next PTR update will be. Blizzard has reworked characters in the past, including D.Va and Symmetra, the latter of which received a completely new ability and an additional ultimate ability.


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