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Phantom Dust Remastered Set To Arrive Before E3 2017, Allegedly

phantom dust

Phantom Dust Remastered Set To Arrive Before E3 2017, Allegedly

It’s almost within reach.

I think it’s safe to assume that fans of the original Phantom Dust lost their collective minds during E3 2016 when Shannon Loftis, General Manager of Microsoft Studios Publishing, revealed a trailer for an upcoming HD remaster of the game for the Xbox One and PC.

And while a general release window of 2017 was given at the time, no definite release date was actually confirmed for the game, leaving us to only speculate when the game would arrive.

And now, after giving fans a heads-up about the state of the game earlier this month, Xbox head Phil Spencer has revealed that the game will be shipping before E3 2017.

This remake of Phantom Dust is being updated for modern times, and according to Shannon Loftis, will make use of the “original assets from the game that was released by Microsoft Japan in 2003.”

The game is being updated to utilize the Xbox Live system currently in place by Microsoft, and will even be a part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program, allowing anyone who purchases the game on either the Xbox One or the PC to also be able to access the game on the other platform absolutely free.


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