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Phantom Dust Returns in 2017; “Will Be Updated for Moden Times,” Exec Says


Phantom Dust Returns in 2017; “Will Be Updated for Moden Times,” Exec Says

I guess a remake is in the cards

During YouTube’s Live at E3 show tonight, Microsoft Games’ Head of Publishing Shannon Loftis announced a remake of Phantom Dust will hit the Xbox One and Windows 10 in 2017.


Speaking to Geoff Keighly, the host of the live show, Loftis said they plan on “using the original assets from the Phantom Dust that was released by Microsoft Japan in 2003.”

The remake of Phantom Dust will use modern day Xbox servers. In addition, those who pick up the title for the first time next year, the release window we were given for now, will be able to take advantage of Microsoft’s Play Anywhere program. Picking it up on the Xbox One allows those who own it to also use it on the Windows 10 platform, with transferrable achievements and play saves.

The original game was set on a ravaged Earth in the far future, players were tasked with discovering what really happened to leave Earth in the state it is. Combining aspects of a card-based action game and action RGP sensibilities, the original game allowed players to customize their “arsenal” of skills they gained from other players. It’s servers remained online as recent as of July of 2014, when Microsoft cut off server support of all original Xbox games.

Future entries in the Phantom Dust have technically never been cancelled. Back at E3 2014, Microsoft announced a new Phantom Dust for the Xbox One. Xbox Head of Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg then stated a year later active development ceased, yet it was not blatantly cancelled.

Are you excited for a Phantom Dust remake? Do you still play the original? Let us know in the comments below!

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