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Codemasters Designer Says Not to Rule out Dirt 4 on the Switch


Codemasters Designer Says Not to Rule out Dirt 4 on the Switch

“I wouldn’t rule it out.”

Earlier this week, Codemasters announced Dirt 4 was on its way to PC, PS4, and Xbox One in June. The company didn’t mention the Nintendo Switch anywhere in there.

In an interview with the UK’s Daily Star, game designer Darren Hayward spoke about the possibility of the game making its way to Nintendo’s new console:

“Personally, I’ve got my Switch preordered and I’m getting it day one. Obviously at launch [Dirt 4] is not coming to Switch. We’d already picked our platforms. We’ve nothing to announce right now, but, I wouldn’t rule it out.”

Nintendo finds itself in a familiar position when it comes to third-party development with the Switch, in that control methods and hardware differences will mean developers have to make extra changes to port it over.

Hayward said Codemasters would need to do “quite a lot in terms of extra tweaks” to get Dirt 4 on the Switch – especially considering its unique features like the Joy-Con motion controllers, and possibly the touchscreen.

Hayward said of control methods:

“There are not many inputs, so you’d have to have super simplified controls and because of that, it may not be the ideal scenario for Dirt 4. That said, I could definitely see Nintendo Switch having some compelling racing experiences.”

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