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DiRT 4 Embraces Fearless Theme In Announcement Trailer


DiRT 4 Embraces Fearless Theme In Announcement Trailer

It’s all about the thrill

Gamers will have one heck of a reason to get down and dirty this summer as DiRT 4 is gearing up for its Xbox One, PS4 and PC release this June.

DiRT Rally’s successor is promising to dig deep within the true soul of off-road racing in order to embrace all the danger, all the thrills and all the sweet joy that comes with a hard-earned victory. The games developer, Codemasters, made the announcement on their website and made the theme for the upcoming title very clear. DiRT 4 is all about being fearless. The announcement trailer doesn’t offer much in the way of gameplay or giving a first peek at the game itself, but it does perfectly capture the type of energy that this series has always been about.

“It’s about the thrill, exhilaration and adrenaline that is absolutely vital to off-road racing,” Codemasters’ Social Media Manager Christina McGrath explained in the announcement post. “And more than that, it’s about loving that feeling.”

So as the latest addition to this wildly popular racing series, what should gamers expect from DiRT 4 other than prettier graphics, new routes and new cars? They should expect a new system that has been deemed Your Stage.

Your Stage will allow gamers to set their own parameters and create maps that are just as difficult or easy as they would prefer. The developers have pitched the idea as a sort of grow-as-you-go system that will let newbies practice on easier maps while the vets create death defying courses. Despite their intentions, however, we all know that’s not how this is going to work. Whether you’re new to the series or not, any gamer who is really all about being fearless is going to push the maps to their limits and see just how difficult and downright insane these routes can really get.

It’s currently unclear just how much customization will be allowed through Your Stage. If you want to build your own route from scratch, turn by turn, you might be out of luck here. It seems as if the system will be focused solely on allowing you to select what type of route is generated for you by the system as opposed to you creating your own twisted nightmare track that could easily ruin friendships. For now, we’ll all just have to wait for more details about what DiRT 4 will offer but the announcement trailer certainly does a great job of setting the tone and making those asphalt racers look like pansies.

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